Why me?

It’s hard to take pictures of yourself without feeling silly

Who am I to be telling you the best way to fix American schools?

My name is Audrey Price, and I was a teacher for 15 years. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I wasn’t a principal, I was not in admin, I’m not even well-connected politically.

Those are my stats.

Currently, I’m simply a secretary for the QuikTrip Facility Support Office in Greenville, South Carolina, and I think that’s even more importantly why me-. I’ve been in the classroom and I’ve been in the business world. I can bring experience and information to educational concepts in a way that most people can’t. Beyond everything-
I’m still a teacher at heart.

What have I taught?

I have taught–

Preschool– 2& 1/2  years while graduating high school and getting an Associate Degree in Education from Young Harris College

All kinds of stuff tutoring for 2 years while I earned a Bachelor’s of Science with a major in English and a minor in Secondary Education from the State University of West Georgia;

elementary level Spanish, High School Spanish, pre-algebra, & High School English at a private school in Atlanta (the school closed down after my 2nd year and I moved into public school);

7th grade reading and grammar (then separate subjects) at Calhoun Middle School, while I added a Master’s Degree in Middle Grades Education from Berry College with a  concentration in both Social Studies and Mathematics;

English and math to a group of  Hispanic students at Calhoun as part of an after-school and summer program. You never saw such a sight as me teaching math in Spanish;

several years of 7th and 8th grade language arts, looping up with my students at Cass Middle School where I taught after getting married and having a baby, and a half-year of Georgia History which was cut short when my husband’s company transferred us to Dallas, Texas in January of that year;

in Special Education, all subjects, at Midlothian High School for the first 6 months we were in Texas, before I was hired at Walnut Grove Middle School teaching 6th grade language arts for 2 years;

7th and 8th grade language arts teacher at Beck Academy after my husband’s company transferred us back east to Greenville, SC, summer of 2010.

Cub Scouts from the time my son was a 1st grade Tiger until I tearfully watched him and my other Webelos bridge over to Boy Scouts 5 years later, having spent hours learning how to properly display the American flag, how to pack for a hike without overloading your rucksack, how to set up a tent- in the rain -after discovering you don’t have tent pegs, how to investigate our home, our neighborhood, our city government, our county government, and even our Federal government

Girl Scouts for a multi-age Troop of about 22 girls that love knot-tying, camping, archery, sewing, caving, crafts, traveling to DC and NY and Savannah, and most importantly they love laughter.

So that’s why me.

I’ve taught several subjects and life skills across several states. I’m no politician promising to cater to your every whim. I’m not even a principal saddled with the responsibility of making parents happy. I’m telling you how it is from the trenches, with the help of other teachers I know. And since I’m from the south, I don’t have any union sympathies in what I say.

I’m also the parent of 1 elementary and 1 middle school student.

Thanks for caring enough to read this; it’s always better to know and be aware of any potential bias.


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