Uniform Issues

I read a blog that inspired me to post a rather long comment, so I wanted to share my thoughts here as well.

If uniforms were the solution to the problem, then there would never be a repeat offender in our justice system. Uniforms are mandatory in jail/prison and have been for over 100 years, yet it does not curb prison violence nor help them become successful when released from prison. Do you think if we forced prisoners to wear suits in jail they would become business entrepreneurs once returned to society?

Schools are using uniforms to escape having to admit that we DO have PARENTS that either  A) lack a sense of modesty OR B) lack control over the child.

Either parents do or do not understand that a girl with exposed cleavage or buttocks is a distraction for boys aged 10 & up.

Either parents do or do not realize that when a student sits down in very short skirts/shorts other people can see up the clothing to private areas. And either they do or do not know this is inappropriate viewing for school.

Either parents do or do not realize that the sagging pants is a stereotype for slovenly behavior and gang associations and creates a safety hazard as the child is incapable of walking, much less running, without holding on to the clothing. This is a cultural battle schools have been fighting for 15 years.

Either the schools have the right to explain this to parents, or schools enforce dress codes in attempt to “educate” the immodest/ineffective/impotent PARENT on proper attire for school students.

Until we give schools the power to educate the PARENT, we will continue to see schools create more and more rules to circumvent the real problem.

My suggestion
Create very few rules-

1) Clothing (jewelry) should have no writing on it and cover all areas considered indecent exposure if shown bare in public (e.g. cleavage, buttocks)

2) Clothing should not create a safety concern in a case of emergency (if you had to run for cover, nothing should be in danger of falling off, open, or down nor trip up others- such as strings from pant cuffs or untied/unlaced shoes)

When the student comes to school inappropriately dressed, immediately CALL IN the parent and child. Explain why the clothing violates either rule 1 or 2. The second time the student comes to school inappropriately dressed they are given a gown/robe (Graduation style) to cover up whatever it is they are wearing. The robe will be that child’s uniform for however long the school decides; maybe it will make for a successful high school graduate (uniforms are supposed to do that – right?).

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3 Responses to Uniform Issues

  1. Stephen Combs says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Stop by tomorrow and read part 3, my stand on the debate. Also, my blog got a mention tonight on local ABC affiliate WSPA. You can view it here in Round 2 of The Main Event. http://www2.sceneon7.com/entertainment/2011/apr/27/main-event-ar-1770084/

  2. jill says:


    I am a permissions manager with Q2A Bill Smith working on a project for Gale, a division of Cengage Learning. We’d like to reprint a post of yours in a forth coming book about dress codes. Is there an email address to which I could send you a perm letter or more information? My address is jill.krupnik@qbslearning.com.


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